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All of UC Davis, One app. Throw away clunky catalogs and clear a few of the 26 tabs you have open in your laptop's browser. The new UC Davis Mobile allows you to do everything from checking real-time Unitrans schedules to accessing your UC Davis email.

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Everything an Aggie would need.

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Stay up date with what's happening around campus, wherever you might be.

Icon of Maps

Ever wonder where your classes are? Where to find parking? Us too.

Icon of The Aggie

To those who aren't fans of broadsheet print, access all of The Aggie's award-winning journalism from the comfort of your phone.

Icon of KDVS

Enjoy student-run, community, independent, freeform radio live on the go.

Icon of Unitrans

Why waste time at a bus stop? Check real-time Unitrans schedules, and make your bus in perfect time.

Icon of DavisMail

Oh no, your Mail app doesn't work with your UC Davis email. We've got you covered.

Icon of Aggie TV

Keep up with the latest videos from some of the most creative minds UC Davis has to offer.

Icon of Athletics

Get the latest news about your favorite UC Davis Athletics teams' wins and losses.

Icon of Courses

Your new schedule isn't working? Check course offerings easily, and avoid missing even one lecture of your new classes.

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Don't waste swipes. Browse the Dining Commons' menus before you commit.

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Check course grades, annoucements, and assignments without leaving the app.